ADHD Consulting

ADHD Consulting

ADHD is a neurotype and is often misunderstood as it is hard for people to fully know what is and isn’t ADHD.  I am here if you are undiagnosed, suspect a diagnosis or are newly diagnosed.  ADHD can make it difficult to express your needs or leave you without strategies to help better succeed in daily tasks and long-term goals.  I provide education, resources, guidance and support to help you feel confident and teach you how to work with your brain, not against it! Let’s find your path.

Mentoring for Individuals

Book your free consultation today!  (Mentoring sessions start at 10,000 yen per 60 min, a minimum of four sessions are requested)

Mentoring for Parents/Partners

(Mentoring sessions start at 12,000 yen per 60 min, a minimum of four sessions are requested)

ADHD group courses

A group course is for those who work better with the support of the community.  Group classes are held weekly for 60 mins and include a pre/post consultation with me to assess goals and needs.  Courses will be launched in Spring 2022. We will be  offering: women and adhd, the adhd parent, adhd partners.  Please book your free consultation today to learn more.

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Reach out to learn more about how we can help you with any ADHD needs and training.

Workplace Training

Neurodiversity and Inclusion in the workplace is important for Neurodivergent workers to feel safe and valued for their skills. New research also suggests hiring neurodivergent employees actually helps grow business. Please get in touch to hear more about Neurodiversity at work and our corporate packages.

Speaking Events

Please get in touch for speaking events about Neurodiversity, Inclusion, and Continuing Education and more!

ADHD resources

Looking to learn more about ADHD

Here is some required reading to help you better understand ADHD