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I am an Education Consultant specializing in adult continuing education, LLM applications, youth development and special education needs. I have a passion for working with adults and youth to help them find the right educational needs for their goals and dreams, both short and long term.

20 hours plus 1 hour free

Golden Compass

This package covers all and any education-related concerns, from finding a program, working together to find effective studying methods and support, general assistance with all aspects of applications and schooling questions, academic writing support and personal requests within the scope of expertise. This package is designed for those who work best with extra support and hands-on guidance. Let’s find your path.  

Education consultant kate kamoshita photo of a silver compass on a dusty table

10 hours plus 1 hour free

Silver Compass

This is our middle-range package to be used for education-related consultations, including finding programs, application guidance, support, resources and discussing any education-related questions or concerns. This package is our most popular for students applying to multiple programs or who need more help in the process of choosing a school. Let’s find your path.

5 hours plus 1 hour free

Wooden Compass

This is our basic package for those who just need occasional guidance throughout the application process.  The hours must be used over six months to assist management goals and tasks or discuss educational paths and plans.  This package works best for those who are already quite confident in their needs.  Let’s find your path.

not sure where to start

Get in Touch

If you’re not sure where you are on your continued education journey, let’s chat. Get in touch.