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Hope you’re having a great summer! We’re taking a little break ourselves but will be back real soon!

We’ll be off August 3rd to September 7th

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Parenting with ADHD (Thursday)

Are you a parent with ADHD? Do you sometimes feel lost in how to help your children while you also struggle with certain tasks? Are you looking for a friend community with reliable science based resources? Join us!

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ADHD, BPD & Best Practices

This masterclass is about ADHD, BPD & PMD and how to navigate them all.

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ADHD & Food

Our masterclass will explain ADHD traits & how it affects food, nutrition, & diet; particularly with executive dysfunction. The course will have discussion and a chance for Q&A. The resources and recording are available to participants afterward.


ADHD is real. It is actually one of the most studied neurological conditions, but we are still gaslit and questioned. We are told to “try harder” or “everyone does that!” We still need a month, continued awareness, and to dispel myths. ADHD is not just something everyone has, it’s not just about focus or losing keys; ADHD is exhausting, debilitating, and for life.

The only way for neurodivergents to succeed in a world that isn’t designed for them is by having that world stop forcing this on us!

Awareness + Education = Acceptance

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Education Consultant

Find Your Path

Learning Compass is an educational consultancy company for all ages as well as for parents of students. We help to navigate and shape understanding around ADHD and how it affects one’s education and ability to achieve life goals. Please explore our services to begin your journey toward finding your life path.

Kate Kamoshita Education Consultant

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Education is not one size fits all

Education is complicated. In our current world, online degrees, internationalization and the growing expenses involved with continuing education have made it an overwhelming process. I am here to help you figure out the right steps for you. My job is to make the process easier and provide my skills and expertise by listening to your educational needs, your future personal and professional goals and understanding the nuances of your day-to-day life to help you navigate the thousands of programs available worldwide. Learning Compass will personalize your educational needs and work with you through the application process in academic matters and make the process clear, easy and professionally supported.

Kate Kamoshita Education Consultant
Education Consultant

Kate Kamoshita

Hi, I am Kate Kamoshita and I have a secret: I love school. I do, it is true. I am what is called a “forever student.”
I have an MA in International Education from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and a Youth Development Specialist Certification from Michigan State University. Yet, I still want more school and I plan to never stop learning. I am also a mother, a teacher, a wife, a woman, and neurodivergent
Aside from my passion for learning, I also love teaching and showing my students the joy of learning. People may feel they don’t like school or can’t go back as perhaps the fit was never right. I started Learning Compass to help people find a school environment in which they will thrive.  You don’t need to be a forever student like me, we just need to find the best way that you learn.

FIND your path

ADHD and Continued Education Services

Learning Compass provides a range of service plans depending on your needs. Just need simple directions? Maybe the basic compass is for you. Do you need a personal hand-drawn map with a guide? Check the golden compass package. Check our services below to find out more.

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ADHD Education Consulting

For anyone looking to learn more about ADHD

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Continued Education Guidance

For anyone looking to further their education

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Hear from others like you who have chosen to continue their education

I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is degree seeking, whether it is for the first time or considering returning to school. Kate at Learning Compass was very professional and accommodating to my needs as a mother looking to complete my degree online.
Jane D
During the first consultation, Kate listened to my concerns carefully and helped me reorganize my previous experiences, also narrowing down possible options. She provided me with some interesting insights to further my education, as well as to leverage the skills I already have. As a busy mother going through a lot of life changes, I was discouraged about pursuing my goals but after consulting with her I felt more confident and focused on tangible targets. Kate is very energetic and resourceful, and I was impressed by her honesty and empathy. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is considering to start or continue their education path, whatever stage in life they are in.
Stefania E
I really enjoyed my first consultation with Kate. Not only Kate is fun and easy to talk to, but her expertise knowledge provided me with such insightful information that may be related to the mental conditions I am currently undergoing. I found it empowering when Kate kindly told me that she and I can come up with strategies to further better my life and career; it gave me hope for my future. Right after the consultation, she sent me a follow-up email to recap everything we talked about in the session including her book and supplement recommendations which was very helpful. I am excited to take her next consultation. Thanks, Kate!
Chika F
Learning about ADHD from Kate was both highly informative and constructive. She brings a lot of knowledge and insight to the table and presents it in a way that is personal and engaging so that I felt like I could immediately take practical steps towards improving my experience as a neurodivergent person. I highly recommend working with her."
Courtney R

"All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher."

George Whitman